Training Videos

We've jsut updated our online training videos, the full list is:
  • Building an ILR Return
  • Creating a Report
  • CRM Feature
  • Getting Started with Moodle
  • Getting Started with TERMS
  • Getting Started with Web Surveys
  • Introduction to Security
  • Introduction to Web Features
  • Learner Progression
  • Maintaining Users and Security Profiles
  • Merging ILR Surveys
  • Powering Web Courses
  • Proof Uploading
  • Registration Triggers
  • Study Aim Targets
  • TERMS User Maintenance
  • Transferring data to Moodle
  • Tutor Recorded Qualifications
  • Uploading and Downloading Files
  • Using Progression Screens
  • WordPress Common Questions
You will need to contact us to create you an account if you have not used the training section before.