TERMS Q3 2023 Released

The latest version of TERMS has been released.
The highlights of this release are:
FIS Validation 
This is feature has been extended to include automatic and manual validation of ILRs directly from within TERMS. 

Planning Sheet Updates
There is an update to the planning sheet for Q3 23 with extra fields for Forcing Full Funding and setting the LDM value.
Programme Aim Dashboard
This replaces and expands the old Apprenticeship menu. It gives quick access to Apprenticeship courses/learners and templates, and the Employers Menu.
Online enrol multiple Programmes
New options to all for all Programmes on an Activity to be enrolled on automatically via a single online enrolment. This allows for quick enrolment onto multiple Aims.
Upload Documents – Other
A new type of Proof Document has been added – “Other” which enables non-Proof documents to be uploaded to a Person’s record. “Other” documents can be requested and marked as “okay” to keep with regard to GDPR and won’t automatically be removed.
Request Other Proof Documents
Once you have created an “Other” proof document you can request that document type from a learner.
Workforce Data
This has been updated to include the new 23-24 requirements
Immigration Status
Afghan Scheme has been added to the Immigration Status list.
New Colour Scheme
This release introduces a new colour scheme for each module to TERMS. 
The full details are available via the Support Forum