New online TERMS training courses

We've added 7 more courses to our online training site, bringing the total up to 19 with more to follow.
Proof Uploading
This course will take you through defining the types of proofs you wish to collect, the process for recoding and uploading proofs within TERMS and by learners via the web. Finally how to reject and verify proofs.

Creating a Report
This course will take you through the basics of creating an Enterprise Report within TERMS

Study Aim Targets
This is an introduction to Study Aim targets and how to update them. Study Aim targets allow for the recording and tracking of targets for the delivery of funded provision.

Registration Triggers
Registration Triggers allow for emails to be automatically sent to learners when they register based upon user defined criteria. This allows for lots of different forms of emails, e.g. employability, accessibility, additional curriculum details, etc.
Tutor Recorded Qualifications
This lesson will show how individual courses can be configured within TERMS to allow the Tutor to record results online. 

Transferring data to Moodle
This lesson will show how data can be exported from TERMS for import into Moodle

Maintaining Users and Security Profiles
This course will help with the maintenance of users within TERMS and the configuration of their security profiles.

All courses are available via our online portal at