August 2023 Update to TermsWeb is now available

The August 2023 Update to TermsWeb is now available, This new release introduces several updates, including:
Two Factor Authentication
Staff logons can now be made more secure via the introduction of 2FA authentication codes. 
Community Clubs
The new Internal Subject codes can be used to limit repeat enrolments onto the same types of courses and limit the accidental implementation of Community Clubs.
ACL Type
Community Learning enrolments can now ask the Learner to select the ACL Type associated with their enrolment aims.
Unspent Convictions
These can now be tracked during account creating and as part of the enrolment confirmation process.
Google Analytics 4
The new GA4 codes can be setup directly with the site. 
Account Contact Details
The updating of account contact details has been expanded to include emergency contact details and general contact preferences. 
Enrolment Confirmation 
This now included the single question about residency. 
Variable Password Strengths
Sites can now have a better defined password strength requirement.
Notes for Tutors
Enrolment Notes will now be visible to Tutors
Full LDD
The tutor will now be able to see full LLDD details for a Learner. 
Extended BSI
The “other state benefit” can be expand to a more detailed list.