TERMS Q2 2023 Released

The latest version of TERMS has been released.
The highlights of this release are:
2023/24 ILR
The ILR routines have been fully implemented for the 2023/24 funding period with Survey builds and reporting adjusted as necessary for the new funding rules. This includes the new ASL and ACL FAMs against Learning Delivery.  

Centralised ILR Validation
ILR validation using the FIS is now possible from within TERMS. This replaces the previous validation option and will utilise the ILR Validation Rules defined within the FIS by running a hosted copy of FIS, both in automatic and in manual processed. 

Workforce Data
Workforce Data can now be recorded against Staff Records.
ACL Type
The new ACL Type can be recorded and changed at Registration level as well as being set as a default at the
Activity level.
Internal Subject
Internal Subject codes can be assigned to Activities across multiple years. These can be used for reports when Activity details change year to year and to limit registrations – e.g. to stop Community Learning “clubs”. 
Predictive Success
Online Tutor recorded Predictive Success is now recorded on the subsequent register attendance records to allow for a historical mapping of the predictions. 
Online 2FA for Staff
Two Factor Authentication can be configured and applied to Staff online logons for additional security.
The full details are available via the Support Forum