TERMS Q1 2023 Released

The latest version of TERMS has been released.
The highlights of this release are:
New Feature: CRM Leads
The main highlight of this release is more functionality and screens for the CRM module in TERMS. When you press the CRM button on a person or an employer to see the list of CRM related topics/threads and new button has been added for “New Lead”. This will open the new Update Lead screen.

The status of the lead can be set as New/Warm/Hot and whether the lead has been converted or not; the area of learning the lead relates to can be specified along with the company sector the lead relates to.
Once created, the lead can be assigned to another user as would be possible with the normal CRM screens.
New Feature: Registration Email/SMS Triggers
The Registration Triggers feature allows a tailored Email or SMS message to be sent to any learners whose registrations match the trigger’s filter.
Messages can be set to be Email or SMS only, alternatively they can be set so that Email or SMS is the preferred sending method, but SMS or Email will be used as a fall-back method if the preferred option is not available e.g. a learner doesn’t have an email address defined.
Messages can also be set to obey the learner preferences for communication e.g. no Email, or SMS preferred.
A separate How to use Registration Triggers document is available on request.
Browse Proof Docs
A new option has been added to the Browse Proof Documents screen to show if a document is available to view.  
Email default when name missing
A new option has been added to the Update Web Configuration screen that enables a default salutation to be set that will be used if there is no value for the <*NAME*> substitution in the name or informal name fields for a person.
Exclude from Reg. Reminders
An option has been added to the Update Programme screen to exclude a programme from the Registration Reminders.
Exclude Staff From Online Registers
An option to exclude a member of staff from the online registers has been added to the Update Work Details screen (adding staff to a programme) to stop a staff member being included in the register even though their staff role might include them.
Include future D+P records
An option has been added to the Update  ILR Control screen to include/exclude future D+P records when building ILR surveys for future returns e.g. R14 being built in Jan of the same funding year. 
New LA with Proofs Report View
A new reporting and export view has been added to the report designer to include proof details for Learner Agreements with activity details.
New CRM option: Leads
A new option has been added to the CRM module to add Leads. There is now a “new lead” button on the browse CRM threads screen accessed via the CRM button for a person or employer.
New Proof of: Low Income
A new type of proof option has been added to the Proofs system. Documents can now count as proof of
Low Income.
Non-ILR Benefit Status Other codes
A new set of ILR-style codes has been added to the Update Employment Status screen. They are called Benefit Status Other (BSO) and the option to select them will appear below the Benefit Status Indicator code if that value is selected as 6 (Other State Benefits). The code will not go through to the ILR and is there for reporting / analysis.  
Planning Sheet Changes
Columns have been added to the planning spreadsheet for the new ILR ASL replacement fields (ACL and AFL columns).  
Remove Survey D&P
An option has been added to the batch update survey screen to remove D&P records for learners who do not exist in the survey. 
Set Provider When Creating People
An option has been added to Update Site Parameters that will automatically set the provider when creating new people records.
This has the effect of giving administrative control over the people record to that provider’s users. Other users can see and select the learner but cannot change any details. 
Venue Tab on Browse Registrations
The browse registrations screen now has a Venue tab to show the venue details for the currently highlighted registration.
The full details are available via the Support Forum