TERMS Q3 2022 Released

The latest version of TERMS has been released. The highlights of this release are:
CRM: Hand Off Check Message
When a user starts the Hand Off process a question pops up to check that the user intends to pass the query outside of TERMS. 
CRM: Was There Feedback? Option
The Update CRM Enquiry screen has a new option to mark that the enquiry contains feedback from the enquirer. This can be reported on.

CRM: Was This Avoidable? Option
The Update CRM Enquiry screen has a new option to mark the enquiry as “avoidable” e.g. the information should have been available on the website. This can be reported on.
FIS 22/23 Funding Import
The funding import routines for 22/23 have been added now the ESFA’s FIS is exporting funding information.
Force Users to Ok from LA screen
A Site Parameter has been added that will, when a user registers a person and Learner Agreements (LA) are set to appear for that type of learning, make the Ok button the only way out of the LA button forcing the collection of missing data.
Funding Requires 3 Proofs
The option to allow FM10/FM70 to only require proof of residency has been removed and now requires all 3 proofs as per funding rules.
Future Prior Levels allowed
The ESFA have changed their ILR validation rules to only trigger a warning rather than an error if a Prior Level has a date in the future. These will now be included in any ILR builds.
Enhancements to Planning Sheets
The planning sheet has more columns in it and now covers hybrid/blended and online max place values.
Registration notes can now be included separately to admin notes.
Security Point Refresh
The categories and sub-categories that a security point (SP) belong to have been reorganised to, hopefully, make it easier to find an SP.
SP on Activity Inactive checkbox
A security point (SP) has been added to the Inactive checkbox found.
Web Survey System
This feature enables the creation of web surveys for learners to fill in, with the response being recorded back into TERMS where they can then be exported as XML of CSV for external Analysis. 
Unspent Convictions
A checkbox denoting that a person has unspent convictions has been added to the Private tab on the Personal Details tab in the Update People screen. The field is available in People reports.
The full details are available via the Support Forum