TERMS Q4 2021 Released

The highlights of this release are:

Account for Active Dir. Name

An option has been added to use a learner’s account as the Active Directory name e.g. ACC001@westmarch instead of the default email.

Course Directory Course URL

An option has been added to the Course Directory Export that when ticked, will generate a URL to link to the appropriate course information web page.

Funding Reference Locator

The Update Funding Group screen now has a locator to help find Funding References. Click on the list of funding refs. and start typing – the list will reduce to show funding references that contain the value typed. E.g. type 123 and all the refs containing 123 will show.

Learner Agreement Audit Checked

A new “Audit Checked” option has been added to the Update Learner Agreement screen. It will appear on the Learning Details tab when the LA has been marked as agreed.
The field has been added to relevant reports.

New Report: Online Register

A new report showing the details of online registers has been added to the Online Register Details reporting view.

Prior Level

The prior level field has been added to more screens E.g. People Wizard, now the R14 has gone.

Show Smart Assessor Status

A security point has been added to the Update Registration Details screen to control which users can see/update the Smart Assessor Status field.

View CRM Assignment Audit Log

The Assignment tab of the Update CRM Enquiry screen now shows the audit trail of assigned users and shows the Assigner, Assignee and the date/time the assignment was made.

Web Upload of Proof Docs

TERMS can be configured to allow learners to upload electronic copies of proof documents e.g. Residency, ID, Address for manual verification by a user – verifying will trigger deletion of the upload, as will not verifying within 7 days.
Details of the user verifying the documents are recorded.
This fulfils the GDPR requirement of only keeping sensitive information for as long as required.

Web enrolment PIN

An option to set an enrolment PIN code against an activity has been added to the Update Activity screen on the Web tab. This will enable the next release of TERMS Web pages to request the entered PIN code when a learner tries to enrol to the course online.
This has been added to enable an extra level of control over who can or cannot enrol to a course online.

YouTube Activity Video Link

You can now add a link to a YouTube video for an activity. This will appear on the web course details page for the relevant course.
The full release notes are available via the support forum.