Signing Learner Agreements Online

In these difficult times, having an automated online system for the signing and tracking of Learner Agreements is becoming vital. With TERMS the process could not be any simpler.
  1. TERMS will automatically send an email or text message to the Learner with a unique web link.
  2. Following the link, the Learner answers two simple verification questions.
  3. They are then presented with their Learner Agreement and can agree to the details, electronically signing it, or dispute the details, passing it back for resolution.
  4. For Learner Agreements that have not been signed or disputed, TERMS will send out regular reminder emails or texts based upon the criteria you decide.
Within TERMS a suite of automated reports will give you statistics on signing, reminders, etc. Lists of unsigned Learner Agreement, details of disputed Learner Agreements and more.

It is really that simple. 

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