TermsWeb May 2018 Released

This is a major update for GDPR compatibility via the creation of new learner accounts online and the confirmation of the opt-in contact preferences for existing learners.

Please note that we will be issuing separate guidance upon the steps available for GDPR compliance once this release has been installed.
The new GDPR opt-in questions can now be processed as part of the registrations of new Learners to the site. This does require a change to the HTML design of the web pages.

Also for GDPR, a new page is available for Learners to update and record their contact preferences for contact by Email and SMS as well as the five ESFA required questions around contacting Learners about Surveys/Research and Courses/Learning by email, post and telephone. This new page works with emails sent from TERMS and does not require the Learner to have a Web Account.

The drop down lookups on the course listing page are now dynamic and will change automatically based upon the data in the published courses.
For more information please visit the support community page http://support.westmarchsystems.co.uk/community/a63/termsweb-may18-released.aspx