TERMS Q1 2018

This release adds several new features to the system and includes updates required for GDPR compliance.

Please note that we will be issuing separate guidance upon the steps available for GDPR compliance once this release has been installed.

The main highlight features of this release are:

Activity Marketing Mode screen

A new screen allowing users to update just the marketing type information for a course e.g. web snippets, etc. can be accessed from the web interface as well as the Activity Menu.

Auto D&P creation

Certain circumstances will trigger the creation of a D&P record automatically – Ticking the Learning Agreement as agreed.

Create Activities from Planning

Once you are happy with your planned provision you can now create activities can be created in the admin side of TERMS.


New fields in respect of the new GDPR legislation have been brought in for this release.

GDPR Mapping utility

There is an option in the site parameters screen to initialise the new GDPR fields from the old contact preference values.

New Email sorting option

The People Menu has a new sorting option for email.

Planning Imports and Exports

The functionality of the planning has been enhanced to allow the import of provision from CSV files, exporting of provision to a CSV file where changes can be made and re-imported.

Study Learner holds HHS

The study learner will save a copy of the last recorded HHS information and use this as a default to update when required.

Study Learner latest Emp and D&P

For reports (including SSRS) Study Learners are automatically linked to their latest Emp (Employment Status) and D&P records.

Web Registration Source/Routes

Learners enrolling via the online registration screen can now select a source/route if they have been activated in the relevant admin screens.

Web Venue Block Colours

Venues can have their own block colours when being displayed on the web pages to help distinguish their courses from another venue’s course.