The new Contact Preference 'Agreed' use and ILRs

We asked the ESFA for clarification on the use of the new GDPR Contract Preference codes they recently announced, as it was not clear whether the new codes were to be used in the current year (17/18) ILR returns or just for next years ILR. The response we got was:-
There is no change to 17/18 ILR specification or validation rules. It is too late in the year to make such changes. However the Appendix F has changes for 17/18, whilst building a software system for your customers you may need to make changes in the current year to capture this data, however it is not present in the ILR data that is returned to the agency for 17/18.
This means that the current ‘restricted use’ contact preference codes continue as is for the 17/18 ILR returns, and the new ‘agreed use’ contact preference codes are to be used for 18/19 ILR returns onwards. TERMS will be enhanced to hold the new ‘agreed use’ details for 18/19 ILRs.