TermsWeb January 2018 Released

This new release of TermsWeb introduces several major updates. 
  • The whole learner site is now fully responsive to different screen sizes, so it will alter its size to work on smartphones, tablets and monitors.
  • A full suite of marketing analysis links have been added to the system for better ranking on search engines and for analytics via both Google and Facebook.
  • The login and account creation processes have been completely rewritten with options for email validation, forgotten password recovery, etc.
  • Interactive venue maps have been added along with new and extensive filtering options for course searching.
  • Three new credit card payment options are now available for enrolment.
  • The tutor module has been given a new colour scheme and a dashboard menu area, along with the options to view learner vulnerability details, risk assessments and connection to external support systems.
The updated can be downloaded from the Community Area.