TERMS Q1 2017

PageOne SMS Integration added

SMS messages can be sent direct from TERMS if you have a PageOne SMS account.

Add Multiple Results to Activities

Multiple results can now be set against activity registrations at the click of a button.

Auto Email Nag for Tutor Registers

Tutors can now be automatically nagged to update attendance information missing from the online registers module.
How frequently the nagging happens can be set and will stop automatically once the tutor has returned the relevant register.

FPN added to People Wizard

The Fair Processing Notice option has been added to the Registration Wizard to save having to change the people record after the wizard has been completed.

RoRo in the Course Directory

Roll-On Roll-Off courses can now be included in the Course Directory. Terms will adjust the “starting” date of the course to match the dates for the export.

Build ILR’s Automatically!

An ILR can now be built on a schedule.
The schedule follows the normal setup for scheduling reports e.g. every week, every day etc.
There can only be one ILR automatically built at the moment.

Updated ILR Lookups

The file holding the ILR lookup values has been updated – mostly with an updated list of providers.

Vulnerable Learner Information

The ability to record details relating to vulnerable learners e.g. medication, GP details etc. Learner can also be flagged as being vulnerable and this used for filtering and reporting.

Additional Personal Details

Some additional, non-funding related, details have been added to the people record for use if required/desired. The details include religion, marital status, carer y/n.

Attachments for registration emails

You can now specify up to 3 files that will automatically attached to the registration emails sent out after a learner is enrolled.

More Logging

Various parts of the system have had their logging improved: Onscreen registers, Learner agreements, and emails to name a few.

More Security

Security points have been added to the update learner agreement screen.

More Reporting

Some of the reporting views have been enhanced on the back of requests:

Online Register Build Locks

A locking system has been added to the routines that import and build online registers to stop enthusiastic users triggering multiple builds/imports at the same time.
Once the import/build process has started no other user will be able to start an import/build until the currently running process has finished.