Web Course Search Links

To create a direct search link for courses you need to have a URL link to CourseKeySearch.asp on your site, for example if your site is
then the URL link will be 
You define the search by using parameters on your URL. The first parameter is preceded with a ? and the subsequent parameters are preceded with a &
For example,
to see all the courses with "access" as a keyword and
to see all courses with "access" as a keyword at a specific location. Note the use of ? and &
The options for the parameters are

KEY = Search Key
CAT = Category ID {can be got from TERMS}
SUBCAT = Sub Category ID (requires CAT) {can be got from TERMS}
PROVIDERID = Provider ID {can be got from TERMS}
ZONE = Map Zone
SSA = SSA Tier 1 Description
UPCOMING = set to 1 to only show upcoming courses
LOC = Location Slot (from drop down)
LOCID = Location ID {can be got from TERMS}
TAG = Tag Value

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