Payment without an Enrolment

To explain why this might happen it is worth looking at a brief overview of how the web site processes payments and enrolments
  1. The Terms Web Site packages up the payment details
  2. Control is passed to the payment site to collect payment
  3. After payment, control is passed back to the Terms Web Site with a success/fail response
  4. If the payment was a success then the enrolment is recorded
Processing is done this way so that enrolments are only recorded after a successful payment. 
If there is a problem at step 3 however and control is not returned back to the Terms Web Site then it is possible that a payment has been recorded without the enrolment being recorded.
This might be the payment site not passing control back or it may be the user coming off their browser or something similar. There isn't anything that we can log at this stage as control has not been returned, so it is worth getting as much information as possible as the fault may be with the payment processing site that you are using. 
One way to track discrepancies is to reconcile the web income "till" against payments actually taken. This will compare what Terms has recorded as income against what the payment site has actually taken and any discrepancies can then be identified. 
Although not ideal, use of the banking reconciliation system within TERMS will help pick up discrepancies early. 

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