Setting up Online Assessments

Online assessment bookings work similar to normal online courses – they are created as Activities within TERMS and published to the web. The difference is in how the web site treats them.
New Assessment Activity Type
Within TERMS you need to create a specific Activity Type for the Assessment Activities.
In Maintenance/Activities/Activity Types create a new type for your Assessments and ensure the Assessment Only flag is ticked.
Any assessment sessions published under this Activity Type will not be shown on the main web site course listing due to the “assessment only” tick.
Assessment Sessions
Within the Activity Menu, under this new Activity Type start to build your Assessment “courses”.
It is important that they have a Venue as well as a Category and Sub Category. This is how the web site will find the correct assessment sessions for a given course.
It also needs to be published to the Web without any other options ticked
Depending upon how your Categories and Sub-Categories are setup within TERMS this may be a very specific type of assessment (GCSE English in this example) or more general.
Against each of these assessment courses build up a programme of the assessments that you are offering
The web site will only display the start date/time, so if you want multiple sessions in a day then you’ll need to create multiple programmes.
Within TERMS these are treated as normal Activity Programmes, so any enrolments from the web will appear as Registrations. You can use all the normal reporting, filtering, etc. to report and manage these sessions.
Checking the Courses
For each course that requires an assessment make sure it has the same venue, category and sub-category as one of the assessment sessions if you want the leaner to choose a session online.
Also make sure it is published to the web, with whatever parameters you would normally use. If you want the assessment options to work then it must be ticked for Web Enrolment will advise that Interview/Pre-assessment is required.
How it works
Using the example in this document.
  1. Online, the learner starts to enroll on the GCSE English course as normal.
  2. As this is marked for “interview/pre-assessment” the web site looks for one or more assessment sessions
  3. It builds a list of upcoming assessment sessions that have the same Venue, Category and Sub-Category as the selected GCSE Course
  4. If none are found, then the normal “ring us” message is popped up
  5. If one or more are found, then the learner is presented with a list of dates and times and can select one. The learner is enrolled onto the selected assessment session Activity rather than the course they originally selected.
Some notes:
The learner will have to create an account online as normal if they do not have one. This is actually an advantage as the assessor would have full contact details for the learner being assessed and any subsequent enrolments would not require more data entry.
If the assessment session (the Activity Programme) is before today, then it will not be offered to the learner. This allows for batches of sessions to be created in advance and they will naturally drop off online. If no sessions are available, then the web site will fall back to the pop-up message.
The processing is the same as a normal enrolment, so they will get a confirmation email, etc.
The Learners Journey online
First they select the actual course itself
and press the button to continue (Enrolment Information in this example)
They are then presented with a list of upcoming sessions and select one
The web site “switches” to the Assessment Activity that is chosen and the enrolment continues as normal – with a logon/account creation.
The end result is that rather than enrolling onto the GCSE English that was originally selected they enroll onto the Assessment GCSE English Activity.


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