Destination and Progression

TERMS Provides several tools for collecting D&P without using third-part organisations
Manual Recording
The full D&P record can be recorded manually.
New Enrolments
When a Learner Agreement is agreed, TERMS will automatically create an EDU record for the day prior to the start date. This is because the learner has returned to education.
Recording Results
When results are recorded within TERMS an option exists to also allow for the D&P to be recorded. This is intended for learners who attend to receive their results, when they are recorded, and can be questioned about D&P at the same time.
Online Question to Learner
A process exists within TERMS that will issue an email to learners that have completed their learning requesting that they visit a web page and record their D&P. A record is kept of when the request was issued and the system allows for repeat requests. This process can be automated or ran manually.
The following is the filter used internally for selecting the learners
SDA:LearnActEndDate<= CheckDate and SDA:LearnActEndDate>= CheckDate-90 and SDA:LearnActEndDate>SDL:LatestOutEndDate and ((SDL:DandPRequestedDate <= SDA:LearnActEndDate+SIT:RequestDandPRepeatDays and SIT:RequestDandPRepeatDays>0) or SDL:DandPRequestedDate < 100) and (SDA:FundModel13=25 or SDA:FundModel13=35 or SDA:FundModel13=70 or SDA:FundModel13=81) and clip(PEO:EmailAddress)<>''

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