Pay for a course (take payment)

Finding the person

Highlight the person that is making the payment (or being paid for) and click on the “Payments” button.

Note! If the person does not owe any money a box will pop up informing you of this fact. Accepting this message with the “OK” button will clear the record from your screen as there is no further processing to take place on this account.
Press the Payments Button
Taking payment
A form will be displayed showing the lines that comprise this debt. Assuming it is a payment in full then choose the method of payment from the drop down box – Cash, Cheque, Credit card etc (Different types of payment will require various pieces of information to be entered – Card expiry date for example).

Then click on “Process” when a receipt will be generated.

If full payment is proffered then this information will be shown in a message box (Where any extra information can be entered) when “OK” is pressed the payment will be processed and a print file displayed which will print to your default printer if you require.

If a part payment is offered then highlight the line and click on “Edit” and enter the amount tendered. The payment will process as above but a reduced amount will be left on the account (and the person’s name will still display in red).

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