How to have a break in a course on a single day

How do I add a break in a course. For instance, I have a course which is 9:15 to 15:00, but it is for 5 hours, which means that there is a 45 minute break.
You create two events for that day. 
If you are adding a new course then tick "use event plan" on this window -
When you go Next you'll get a window similar to this one ...
From here you can setup any lesson pattern that you want repeated each week, including multiple events on the same day. So have one for the first session and one for the session session after the break. The system will then repeat this weekly for you as it creates the lessons. 
You can also use this to create complex weekly patterns - e.g. you may have a course with a lesson on a Tuesday morning and another on a Thursday afternoon. If you find you have a lot of courses using the same patters and it is awkward typing in the pattern for each one then you can us the "Load Standard Plan" button and this will give you an area for having the patterns recorded as templates.
Having said that, once you have one course setup, if you copy an existing course then the pattern is also copied.

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