Purging Data From TERMS

The purge process is fairly simple ...
To run the purge you'll need to know the SiteID from the Database. This can be found from within TERMS - Maintenance, Security, Browse Sites.
The SiteID is 4 digits - e.g. 9999
You'll also need to know the number of Years that are to be retained, which includes the current Academic Year. Normally this would be 5 or 6 years. 
We will supply a Key for the day that you want to run the purge (this is a safety check to make sure it isn't ran accidentally). 
The purge is ran via the command prompt in the EXEC\TERMSSQL folder and you should have a complete backup of the database as this deletes data. Also ensure no users are in the system
The command line would be (depending on the parameters) something like

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