TERMS Q1 2024 Released

The latest version of TERMS has been released.
The highlights of this release are:
2024/25 Funding Changes
It’s that time of year when changes start appearing in the system for the upcoming 2024/25 funding year. A lot of changes have taken place behind the scenes with changes to the build process for 24/25 surveys but the visible changes so far include:
New Funding Model Codes
Funding Model 11 – Tailored Learning
This code effectively replaces Funding Model 10 Community Learning. The relevant funding model lookups have been updated to include this new value.
Funding Model 38 – Adult Skills
This code effectively replaces Funding Model 35 Adult Skills. The relevant funding model lookups have been updated to include this new value.
New Learner LLDD Code
LLDD Category Code 18 Down Syndrome
The relevant funding model lookups have been updated to include this new value.
New Source of Funding Code
Source of Funding Code 120 North East Combined Authority
New Learning Delivery Field
Tailored Learning Outcome
This allows the new codes for Tailored Learning Outcome Area to be recorded. Currently the codes for this new field are:
  1. Increased confidence
  2. Improved skills for progressing to further learning
  3. Improved skills for work
  4. Improved essential skills
  5. Improved ability to support a child’s learning
  6. Improved physical health
  7. Improved mental health and well-being
  8. Improved skills to participate in community life
  9. Increased understanding of democratic values
  10. Improved skills for Independent Living
  11. No outcome area 1-10 achieved
Removed Learning Delivery Field
Employment Outcome
The Employment Outcome field has been removed from the ILR export. The field is still available within TERMS but will not be exported for 2024/25 ILR files.
ILPs – Evaluation version available
A pre-release version of ILPs is available from this release for evaluation purposes. A good working knowledge of the web survey functionality is recommended as the ILP system works in a similar way. 
GetNominalDetails Function
A GetNominalDetails function has been added to the Programme Reports view.
This will provide details of the relevant nominal and the cost centre that it belongs to.

Ofsted Level
A field containing the Ofsted level of an aim has been added to the vRepStudyAimDerived reporting view to help in the production of statistics. The values shown are “Level 1 and below”, “Level 2”, “Level 3”, and “Level 4 and above”.

Planning Activity Warnings
The Update Activity screen will now show warnings where appropriate, if entered data does not match with a value in the admin system. Applies to venue, tutor, activity type, etc.

Planning Sheet Updates
New columns have been added to the planning sheet specification to allow holidays to be varied per activity, and to set the values for the four Analysis Category fields.

Registration Triggers Enhanced
Triggers can now be configured to send emails to the primary staff member or third parties (requires a specific email address) when the criteria for the trigger have been met.

Skills Network Course Browsing
If the ePortfolio link for Skills Network (SN) has been selected you can now browse the current list of SN courses to select the one to link an Activity to.

Standard Dashboard Charts
There are now some standard dashboard charts to choose from when creating Dashboard charts for the web.  
The full details are available via the Support Forum