May 2022 Update to TermsWeb is now available

May 2022 Update to TermsWeb is now available, This new release introduces several updates, including:
Notifications have been extended to allow for groups of courses to have the same issued notification and these can now be shown just for tutors or learners if needed. 
Course Listing
Several improvements have been made to the course listing and searching options, including the ability to exclude active courses from the main listing. 
Course Details
Additional information can be recorded against the course main subject categories and displayed on the details for each course.
Provider Messages
Providers can now have their own bespoke messages distinct from the system messages. 
AEB Enrolments
New options are now available for controlling National Insurance Numbers and Prior Level. 
Improvements have been made for displaying and processing RORO courses. 
Enrolment Listing
More details are now available to Learners when viewing their enrolments. 
Tutors RAG Rating Learners
The RAG Rating option has been extended for tutors directly against the course.