TERMS Q1 2022 Released

The latest version of TERMS has been released. The highlights of this release are:
D + P in Online Registers
The online register build will now include the latest recorded D+P for each learner. This will be visible to the tutor.
FIS Prior Level Fix now an option
Prior to Q1 22 a routine ran at the end of the ILR build process to set prior level values for FM10 learning due to an error in the FIS. The FIS error has been fixed so the process is no longer required but has been added as an option to the ILR Dashboard just in case some users still want to use it. 
LDM382 added to ILR lookups
The LDM code 382 “Identify employed learners under the low wage threshold (National or GLA/MCA) on the Free Courses for Jobs (level 3 offer) from 1 April 2022” has been added to the ILR lookups.
Locator added to Browse Users
The browse user screen now has a locator on the user name tab – this means that if you start typing the list will automatically filter to show just the user records matching what has been type. 
Notifications for Activity Types
Online notifications can now be set at the Activity Type level and can be set to show for staff, learners, or both.
These can be set on the Update Activity Type screen in Maintenance.
Postcode data updated
The latest ONS and ESFA devolved area postcode information has been included in this release. This will be automatically updated for hosted customers, details of the import process can be found in the technical section towards the end of these release notes.
Provider Specific Online Messages
Providers can now have their own specific messages appear when the “Info Only” or “Interview Required” options are selected for display online.
Reason for Unemployment
A Reason for Unemployment field has been added to the Update Employment Status screen; Although not part of the ILR specification this was the logical place for this to be stored.
It can also be collected online if required – please contact support to discuss changing web pages to collect this value.
Remind x days after Registration
An option has been added to send reminders out to learners, x days after they register for a course, rather than the default x days before the course starts.
This can be set in the Update Activity Type screen. 
Remove Photo Button
The Update People Screen now has an option to remove a photo as well as selecting a new one.
Restrict Reg. Build to “current” year
An option has been added to the Tutor and Register tab in Web parameters to restrict the register build to courses within the “current” year as set in Site Parameters.
See all threads on Noticeboard
An option to see “All threads” has been added to the noticeboard which allows system-wide closed threads to be visible.
Sorted Columns for CSV Export
An option has been added to the CSV Export column selection screen to sort columns by name (default), by table and column name, or by the order they appear in the current view (original sorting order).
Venue on Programme Timetable
The timetable browse on the timetable tab of the Update Programme Details screen now shows the venue the event is taking place or “Online” if the relevant option has been selected against an event.
The full details are available via the Support Forum