October 2021 Update to TermsWeb is now available

This new release of TermsWeb introduces several major updates, including:

Better Tutor/Admin Messaging

The messaging system between Tutors and Admin has been redesigned and improved.

Improved Login Security

There have been a lot of improvements to the account logon security of the system.

Individual Staff Web Reports

The Staff Reporting has been improved to allow for individual reports to be generated.

More Learner Enrolment Details

When a learner logs into their account they are given a lot more enrolment information, including details of online and distance learning links and full course information for all their enrolments.

Using Search Tags as the Subject

The four search-tags that can be defined against an Activity can now be used as an alternative to the Subject drop down list.

More Responsive Screens

All new features are mobile and tablet aware and will automatically resize as necessary.

More Tutor Course Information

Tutors can now get a lot more information about their courses and can record prediction rag ratings. This whole section has been redesigned.

Tutors Can RAG Rate Learners

The tutor can record an outcome prediction against the learner showing Fail (Red), Unsure (Amber), or Pass (Green). This is accessed via the Enrolment Details found under the Learner List on the Course details screen.

Tutors Can Record Learner D+P

There is now a Set D+P option available to tutors via the list of Learners visible under the course details (not the register list).
The full release notes are available via the Support Forum