TERMS Q3 2021 Released

The latest version of TERMS is now available. The highlights of this release are:

2021/22 FIS Utility Released

The FIS utility, used to import funding information from the FIS, has been updated for the 2021/22 funding year.

Academic Progression renamed

The Academic Progression screen has been renamed Progression Overview in line with other changes made to the underlying mechanics and methodology.

Course Directory Export changes

The export for the Course Directory has been revised in light of unannounced changes to the format. The format of the export file should now be correct – unless they’ve changed it again.

CRM Topics and Actions reports

A new reporting view has been added to the Report Designer on the back of the new CRM functionality, along with four new reports.

Eligible Asylum Seekers

This option has been added to the list of Immigration Types which can be found on the Residency tab of the Personal Details tab in the Update People screen, and also on the Personal Situation tab of the Update Learner Agreement screen.

LA Agreed on Registration Browse

When browsing registrations for people or courses, the Main Details tab will, if there is an LA, show if it is agreed or not. Nothing will show if there isn’t an LA associated with the registration.

Office now an online option

The Web Meeting option in the Update Programme screen now has Office as an option. This has also been added to the planning screens.

Print Single LA from Browse LAs

The behaviour of the Print option on the Browse Learner Agreements screen and accessed via the right-mouse button or the print button has been changed to just print the selected report from the list of reports for just the highlighted LA record, rather than all as it did previously. If you want to print all learner agreements use the Run button as normal.

Progression screen revisions

The progression screens have been revised with new options and changes to the underlying mechanics.

ProvMonB added to Pay Run Export

The Provider Specified Monitoring B field set in the Delivery Monitoring tab of the Funding tab on the Update Activity screen has been added as an extra column to the Pay Run Export 2 option to help identify which area staff costs go against.

Security: Unregister Registration

A security point, Unregister Registration, has been added under Registrations to allow users to unregister a learner from a course. The default security level is 3 so it should not affect normal operations but allows the functionality to be switched off.

Security: View People Details

A new security point, View Mode Off, has been added under People, to force view mode for the Update People Screen.
When switched off this allows a user to see the details of a person without being able to change them.

Stop Online Enrolments option

This option stops the learner from being able to enrol on to courses via the online enrolment module. This doesn’t stop them from accessing their online account.

Stop Online Assessments option

This option stops the learner from being able to select an assessment via the online enrolment module. This doesn’t stop them from accessing their online account.

Update LA from Study Aim

The Learner Agreement can now be updated from the associated Study Aim while the LA is not agreed.

Update Study Aim Targets revised

The calculations and screens for Study Aim Targets have been revised and enhanced with options for In-year Pass and Achievement rates.

Use Active Dir. Email in Registers

A new option has been added in web config when building registers to use the learner’s Active Directory email address as the contact email.

vRepStudyAimDerived Revised

Some fields have been removed and some have changed the way they are calculated in relation to changes in the Progression screens.

Web Interest Only option

This new option on the Update Activity Screen’s Web tab tells the website to hide dates/times etc. allowing courses to appear as placeholders for upcoming courses or general information about types of courses that are run.
The full release notes are available via the support forum