TERMS Q2 2021 Released

The latest version of TERMS is now available. The highlights of this release are:
2021/22 ILRs
The build routines for 2021/22 ILRs have been added to the Funding and Statistics Menu.

Append date to batched filenames
An option has been added to the Update Report Batch screen that will add the date the report was run to the output filename.
The filename that will be used when the batched report is next run is shown onscreen.
Calendar Invite with Web Enrolment
The confirmation email sent out to a learner who has enrolled via the web can have a calendar invite included by using the <*ICALMESSAGE*> substitution tag.
Course Venue on reminder emails
The Venue Name and/or address can now be included on course start reminders using the new tags <*VENNAME*> and <*VENADDR*> in the message template.
CRM Now Allows Emails
There is now an option in Site Parameters to allow the CRM screen to use email.
If the option is ticked the CRM screen will show an Email button.
Drill from Update Study Aim Target
The Update Study Aim Target screen now has a Drill button that will open the Browse Study Aims screen to show the aims matching the current SAT filter.
Email TT Change to Tutors
There is now an option in Web Config to notify a tutor by email that the timetable on one of their courses has changed. Any changes are picked up when the register build process is triggered.
Longer Bulk Email Messages
An option has been added to the Bulk Messaging Centre screen to send a separate email as well as a SMS text message. The email message can be up to 4000 characters; normal restrictions apply to the SMS text message.
New Report: Study Aim Targets
A new eponymous target per page report has been added to Study Aim Targets to show the actual and target details for an individual Study Aim Target.
New Web Message Tags
Two new web message tags have been added: @EnrolSuccessMsg@ for the pop-up message after a normal enrolment and @EnrolAssessMsg@ for the pop-up message after an assessment is booked.
Online Registers Allow Partial Pass
The online registers can be set to allow tutors to record Partial Pass as an option. This option is set in the Update Qualification screen and is called Default Partial.
Prior Level
The new Prior Level field has been added to the Update Study Aim screen (on the Delivery tab under GLH) in readiness for the 21/22 ILR.
Reports: Count Attendance Reason
A new function to count the occurrences of the chosen attendance reason has been added to the Registration Reports view.
Reports: Fill Aim Funding
A new function to get the imported funding associated with the aim has been added to Study Aim Reports view.
Reports: Get Study Aim Fees
A new function to get the value of any fees from any registrations associated with the Study Aim has been added to the Study Aim Reports view.
Study Aim Targets: Export CSV
The list of SATs shown in the Browse SAT screen can now be exported, updated externally and reimported.
Study Aim Targets: Import CSV
The import of Study Aim Targets has now been fully implemented allowing existing SATs to be overwritten or new SATs created.
Study Aim Targets: Stop Updating
A new option has been added to the Update Study Aim Target screen to Stop Updating / Lock the actual values. The values of the Actuals will be saved to disk and the SAT will not be recalculated.
The full release notes are available via the support form