TERMS Q1 2021 Released

The latest version of TERMS is now available. The highlights of this release are:

Alternative Meercat SMS method

An alternative way of sending bulk SMS messages to Meercat is now available. This sends the details of the SMS message in the email body rather than the email subject allowing for longer SMS messages.

Batched Excel Output

The Batch reporting system can now create Excel Spreadsheets from the batch reporting system. Just set the path and filename as normal but set the output to XLS in the Update Batch Report screen.

BKSB Integration

TERMS now integrates with BKSB. Please contact support if you would like want to know more details.

Bulk Message GDPR Filtering

The filtering for the Bulk Message screen has been updated to include newer GDPR preferences.

Collated Stats: D+P Grouping

An optional grouping for D+P codes has been added to the existing statistical groups. It will show the usual retention, pass, and achievement rates for each D+P outcome found.

Contract Description Size Increased

The Contract Description field has been increased to 60 characters.

CRM Enquiry Enhancements

The Threads system has been enhanced for CRM data. The system could already store this type of information but this has now been formalised to make it easier to see, update, and report on customer related enquiries.

Distance Learning Flag for Venues

A Distance Learning checkbox has been added to Venues. It can be used to hide HTML data on the website.

ILR Quick Validate Enhanced

The Survey Quick Validate "Check for Invalid characters" process now also checks the Learning Delivery Learning Start Date Postcode and EPA Organisation Id for invalid characters.

Other Employment Type 1 and 2

In preparation for the 2021/22 ILR the new “Other Employment Type” 1 and 2 codes have been added to the Update Employment Status screen

Planning Sheet Web Meeting Type

The Web Meeting Type field has been added to the Planning Sheet.

Set Maximum SMS Length

An option has been added to site parameters to set the maximum length of an SMS text (default is 400 characters). This is useful where an SMS provider does not allow SMS messages to be longer than x characters long.

Smart Assessor Integration

TERMS now Integrates with Smart Assessor. Please contact support if you would like want to know more details.
Also, a Smart Assessor Status field has been added to Update Registration Details.

Show Tutors in Onscreen Registers

An option has been added to show any Tutors for a course in the Onscreen Register so attendance can be recorded for them along with learners. The tutors appear with a tutor icon against them.

Study Aim Targets Revised

After feedback and consultation, the Study Aim Target screens and process have been revised and simplified with the removal of the sub-target numbers.

Study Aim Target Monthly Profile

The Study Aim Target screen now allows a profile of desired/planned monthly starts. The monthly starts are cumulative by default but there is an option to count the starts as being per month.
For more information see our support forum