19/20 CL Benchmarking Club Data

If any users take part in the annual Community Learning Benchmarking Club data submission, haven't filled their template spreadsheets in yet, and have access to SSRS reports we may be able to help. There are also ILR versions of the reports which will look for the the latest return from R12 onwards, however there will not be any values for Attendance or Online enrolments as the ILR does not hold this type of information.

CL Benchmarking 1920 Data Report

This report will generate the numbers required to paste into the TERMS DATA sheet of the "1819 Benchmark Template V1 (WMS).xlsx" spreadsheet. The report design has been updated from last year.
The report works from TERMS Study data and requires the user to select the funding year they want to see data for (just in case you want to generate data from other years for comparison purposes). The report also shows the number of sub-contracted and direct delivery enrolments (split by the partner UKPRN field and SSA Tier 1).
The Online enrolment figure is calculated from aims where the Master venue of the course is marked as being online.

Filling in the 1920 Benchmarking Template V1 (WMS).xlsx spreadsheet

Once you have the SSRS reports installed (The reports are updated by WMS for Hosted customers):
  1. Run the relevant report, depending on whether you want to generate the numbers from Study data or from an ILR file
  2. Export the report to a Word document and save it locally
  3. Open the exported Word document and the modified template spreadsheet
  4. Select and copy the table of data from the Word document and paste it into cell A1 of the "TERMS DATA" sheet of the modified template spreadsheet.
This should automatically fill the majority of the numbers in the DATA part of the spreadsheet in leaving you to fill the name of the authority in and copy the relevant allocation details across.

Benchmarking Course Detail

If you require data for the Course Detail template there is a second SSRS report ("CL Benchmarking Course Detail") that will generate a list of the CL courses in TERMS along with the GLH details and enrolment counts. As with the benchmarking data save the report output as a Word document, then copy and paste the table into the relevant spreadsheet.
NB: Check to see if your list goes past row 609 of the course detail spreadsheet as if it does you will need to modify the Sum() functions in cells B8 and B9 to take account of the extra rows as otherwise the figures will be wrong.

Getting the reports for non-Hosted customers

Please get in touch with the helpdesk if you would like copies of the updated SSRS reports and the modified 1920 Benchmarking Template spreadsheet.

Global hosted customers with SSRS

The SSRS reports have been updated and the spreadsheet template is available to download from the SSRS CL Benchmarking folder.