June 2020 update to TermsWeb is now available

The June 2020 release of the TermsWeb system is now available.
This new release of TermsWeb introduces several major updates.
This release allows for the online signing of Learner Agreements. This is a major feature that will improve the administration of Learner Agreements and reduce the amount of paperwork involved.
The online booking of assessment sessions is now available. Learners will be directed to choose a date from an available list of sessions. 
Both Learners and Admin Staff may upload Learner images via the web. These can be used for visual confirmation of the Learner, ID cards, etc.
During enrolment the web site will now ask only pertinent questions for funding requirements based upon the type of funding of the course. For example, HHS is not required for Community Learning (Funding Model 10)
In additional there are several other new updates and improvements.
For more details please see the support forum discussion topic here - http://support.westmarchsystems.co.uk/community/a93/latest-update-to-termsweb-is-available.aspx