TERMS Q1 2020 Released

This is a very large release and update for TERMS. We strongly advise reading the Release Notes in full

The highlight features of this release are 

Activity Subcategory HTML

Up to 2000 characters of HTML formatted text can now be entered as an ‘overview’ description for the particular subcategory of Activities.

Activity Type Web Key Word

The Activity Type record can now have a web key word stored against it. This will be added to the other key words used for web searches for Activities.

Aim Progression Screen

This new screen makes aim progression visible and can be filtered to show different types of aim progression including in-year.

Basic Ice Details in Reports

The basic ICE details fields from the Update People screen have been added into reports with People details.

Bulk Message Centre

This has been developed to help with the response to the ongoing situation with Covid-19. It allows a message to be sent out to the list of people built on entry to the screen e.g. all active learners for the current year. Once the list has been created the message can be added and sent out. The normal messaging restrictions and functionality apply.

Collated Stats Drill-in Export

The option to export data directly from the collated stats drill in screen has been implemented.

Certificate Send Date

The result record now has the option to record the date the certificate was sent to the learner.

Corona Virus Marker

A checkbox option has been added to People and Registrations to denote a person suffering from Corona virus. If ticked an icon will show against the person.

Corona Virus Attendance Reason

A new checkbox option has been added to the Update Attendance Reason screen to allow non-attendance due to Corona virus to be tracked.

Email Receipt Status logged

The status of the Email Receipt checkbox is now recorded in the Process Payment log entry.

Email Registration Confirmation

The registration confirmation checkbox will now be set when emails are sent at the end of the registration process.

Entry Req. in Course Info Sheets

The Entry Requirement Text field has been added to the Activity Sheet reporting view.

Entry Req. in Planning Sheet

The Entry Requirement Text field has been added to the columns available to the Planning Sheet.

Hide L7 Security Categories

System administrators now have an option to hide lookups that are set to Level 7 (often used to hide choices from users) so they can hide “unused” data and see the system as a non-system administrator.

High Needs Study Learners

The “High Needs” checkbox in the Update Study Learner screen has been added to reports and exports and can be used for filtering.

ILR Validation Survey

A new survey type of Validation has been added to the Funding Dashboard. This will validate all ILR aims for the current funding year.

Indicate Activity Threads

A toggle option has been added to the Activity Menu to show an icon against an activity if it has a Thread.

Look and Feel

All of the screens in the system have been refreshed with co-ordinated backgrounds denoting which module the screen belongs to.

Load Earlier Planning Sheet

Planning sheets created in the previous version of TERMS can still be imported, and can also be exported in the latest format.

Planning Import Export

An imported Planning Sheet can be exported from the Import screen before it is committed to TERMS. The export will be in the latest format.

Planning Sheet Enhanced

Extra fields have been added into the Planning Sheet including the Entry Requirements Text field.

Planning Sheet reorganised

The order of fields in the Planning Sheet has been reorganised to hopefully be more logical.

Planning Sheet Tutor Code

The tutor account code can now be specified in the Planning Sheet and is now the primary way to identify the tutor for the course.

Progression Drill in to/from Aim

The browse aims screen used when drilling in to progression data has been changed to show details of the aim being progressed to or from.

Promotion Reporting

The flag denoting that a debt was created using a Promotion Code has been added to relevant Accounts and Sales Debt reporting views.

Residency Codes in Reports

The 3 document group codes denoting the types of documents used to verify residency, along with Date Checked and Reference have been added to People reports.

Staff Assignment Number

A new field in the People Staff tab allows an external staff number to be recorded. It has been added to relevant reports.

Study Aim Progress Screen Reports

A new reporting view has been added to work in conjunction with the new Study Aim Progression screen.
NB: The reports can only be run from the Progression screen at present.

Study Learner Validation Mode

The Browse Study Learner screen has a new Validation View that shows the validation status of learners in the current validation survey.

Study Target Planned Course No.

A new value “Planned Courses” allows the target number of planned courses to be set against a Study Target.

Web Charges from Planning

When activities are created from the planning system the web charge table will be generated.

Web Reports

This allows anyone with a web account to log in to the new Available Reports List web page and see a configured list of reports/documents/links that they can run as required.
(This option requires the Online Module)
For full details and to download the update please click here to visit our Support Forum