TERMS Q4 2019 Released

The highlight features of this release are 

19/20 FIS Funding Import

Now the FIS has settled down FISUtil has been updated to allow 19/20 funding information to be imported into TERMS.

Alternative Course Info Sheet

An alternative course information sheet design can be specified in Site Parameters. 

Auto Unpublish Option

An option to automatically unpublish activities without a specific Web Publish To date from the web once finished.

Copy and Paste Charge Tables

Charge tables can now be copied and pasted from one programme to another.

D&P Requests by SMS

The D&P request functionality can use SMS and this can be set as the preferred method for the learner. There is also a SMS template to customise your message.

In-Year Progression

The methodology behind the Academic Progression screen has been revised and updated enabling the screen to show proper in-year progression.

Job Cat added to staff reports

The staff job category field has been added to the Staff Registrations reporting view.

Online Register Column Sorting

The browse of online registers can now be sorted by column headings as requested.

Prov. Mon A-D in Registers

The Provider Specified Monitoring fields A-D are now included in the data generated for the online registers and can be used for filtering in Browse Online Registers.

Quick Filter Fields for Registers

Quick filter fields have been added to the Filter options for the Browse Online Register screen.

Record Registers in Threads

An option has been added in Web Config to force the activity thread to be updated when an online register is imported – previously this would only happen if the “sent tutor a confirmation” option was ticked.

Remove Thread Button

A remove thread button has been added to the Browse Threads screen. There is a level 7 security point to go with it so permission to delete threads can be granted to users.

Residency values in people reports

The 4 residency values are now available to most people based reports.

System Email/SMS preference

TERMS can now be set to prefer sending messages by SMS rather than Email. This can be set to follow an individual’s preference for receiving communication or not.

Self-Declared Residency

A new option to denote Learner self-declaration of Residency has been added to People and Learner Agreements. This will be set automatically if the learner sets residency details via the web.

Study Aim Derived view expanded

The Study Aim Derived view has had extra fields added for the Academic Progression screen updated.

Study Aim Extra view

A new view holding extra details has been added to the Browse Study Aims screen and associated reporting views.
For full details and to download the update please click here to visit our Support Forum