TERMS Q3 2019 Released

The highlight features of this release are 
Aim Progression Tick Box
A tick box has been added to the Update Study Aim and Update Learner Agreement screens to denote that the learner has progressed from the Aim to something else.
Apprenticeship Menu
The Framework Menu has been updated to include Standards, and has been renamed the Apprenticeship Menu.
Auto Import Online Registers
A new system option has been introduced that allows online registers to be imported without manual approval by a user.
Browse Funding Groups Refreshed
The Browse Funding Groups screen has been refreshed to show more relevant information.
Browse Objective Progression
There is a new browse screen that shows, for each registration, all the objectives with the new option “Review Progress” ticked and allows assessment scores to be recorded against each objective.
Browse Programme Registrations
The Browse Programme screen now has a “Registrations” button that will show just the registrations for the programme. 
Duplicate Funding Group option
An option to duplicate a Funding Group and all its Funding References has been added.
Final QA Check for Programmes
A drop list has been added to show the approval status of an individual course programme. The field has been added to the relevant reporting views.
Funding Reference Merge Defaults
The default merging behaviour when adding a new Funding Reference is now set to “Only Merge Registrations for this Funding Reference” for new Funding.
Funding Reference Merge Icon 
An icon has been added to the list of Funding References for a Funding Group to indicate the current merge settings.
Low Wage Indicator
The Study Learner screen has a new option to denote a learner is on a low wage.
Objective Review Progress Option
A “Review Progress” option box has been added to Reference Objectives. If ticked, the objective will appear in the new Browse Objective Progression screen and can then have assessment scores recorded against it for each registration on the programme.
Online Register Reports Batch-able
Reports created in the Online Register Reports reporting view can now be scheduled in the Report Batch Processor.
On Screen Register Attendance 
The user-defined attendance reasons can now be set directly in the onscreen register.
Predicted Result RAG rating
A RAG rating can now be recorded against a registration to indicate the likelihood of achievement.  
Proper Day of Week Sorting
A numeric field has been added to the underlying events reporting view to enable proper sorting for day of the week.
Set Completion Option Depreciated
The option to set the completion status when adding a result has been depreciated. 
ULN V3 Output Files Now Import
Version 3 ULN output files will now import correctly.
Updated Funding Values
The latest funding values are in the Funding.csv file. See the Processes to Run after Installation section of the installation notes for details of how to do this.
Update ICE Details Refreshed
The Update ICE details screen accessed from the ICE button on the People Menu has been simplified.
Updated Grades
The ILR Lookups have been updated with the latest GCSE grades. See the Processes to Run after Installation for details of how to do this.
Course Web Name for Info Sheets
The Course Web Name can now be used in the Course Information Sheet reports.
For full details and to download the update please click here to visit our Support Forum