TERMS Q2 2019 Released

The highlight features of this release are 
Basic ICE Details in Wizard
ICE details can now be added in the People Wizard.
Booking Assessments Online
Assessment Activities can be created and booked online. Assessments dates and times stay hidden until a learner enrols on a course marked as requiring assessment/interview, at which point any matching assessment dates and times are shown to the learner to book a session.
Browse Registrations Enhanced
The browse of registrations now shows the relevant day against each date on the details tab.
(Sub)Category Image Folder
An Activity Category or Subcategory can now have a specific image folder specified. This allows the name to be changed without altering where the images are taken from for the web.
Collated Stats Qualification Types
Importing LARS data will now set the QAR style Qualification Type against the Study Aim Reference. This is available in reports and has been added as a grouping to Collated Stats for ILR and Study Data.
Course Directory Export Updated
The export has been modified with the changes announced on 5th August requiring National delivery, region, and Sub-region to be entered.
Daily Web Stats
The web interface now has an option to show the daily counts for different measures e.g. changed passwords, enrolments, new accounts, etc.
Devolved Funding Areas
TERMS can be configured to be in a specific devolved area and Warning messages configured to warn of conflicts.
Include CIS link in Receipt Email
A new tag <*INFOSHEET*> has been added for system emails that will substitute the URL of the online course info sheet when the receipt email is sent out.
LRS ULN Batch Version 3A
The ULN Batch file functionality has been updated to version 3A. Version 2A response files can still be read but Version 3A files are the only type that can be generated.
Make System Contract Inactive
Standard system contracts can now be made inactive. This will hide them from the list when viewing or selecting.
Meercat SMS Support Added
The Meercat text service is now supported and is available as an option in the list of SMS providers.
New SIR details
The new SIR collection fields are available to record and report.
Programme Location Extended
The Location field in the Update Programme screen has been extended by 5 characters.
Promotion Code Enhancements
Concessions can now excluded the use of all promotion codes or exclude based on funding models.
SMS log available in People record
The SMS log can now be accessed from the Update People screen. The available information has been expanded and filtering has been added.
Study Aim ESF Supplementary Data
A new tab has been added to the Study Aim Monitoring tab to hold ESF Supplementary Data.
Subcategory Images
Up to 10 images can be specified and viewed as thumbnails for any Subcategory.
Web Concession Description
Concessions can now have a web description.
Previous Release Note Summary
The highlight summary from the previous release has been included at the end of the document.
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