Time for TERMS

Did you know that several Councils have chosen our TERMS MIS to replace Service Birmingham IT’s Aqua platform, which is to be decommissioned next year?

As an Adult education Service that’s funded through a Government grant we are dependent on a robust and flexible Management Information System. Given the range of reporting were are required to undertake e.g. for Ofsted, the ESFA and for reporting to various committees in the Council TERMS has provided an excellent tool to meet our requirements and expectations. In March this year we were inspected by Ofsted and unlike previous years were data had been an issue we were able, on the first day, to confirm our data matched that of the Lead Inspector. It would be fair to say I was confident anyway – not in a blind trust way either!
As a result of more effective interrogation of data we have been able to plan activity that has reached our target groups more effectively and is evident by the increased numbers of learners from the boroughs priority areas which has improved from 32% in 2015/16 to 46% this year. It may be this is a result of more accurate reporting however and importantly it is confidence in the system and the results that are supporting the services improvement and progress over the past two years.      
Our relationship with West March has been excellent from the outset. When we have required support they have been responsive and on the very few occasions they have not been able to provide a solution immediately they have within a short period of time. I consider this a true collaboration with the sharing of ideas  as to how to develop the system further. In many respects, and as a result of this working relationship, TERMS has more of a feel of a bespoke system.

Sean Burke, Continuing Education Service, Stockport
Here’s why councils are choosing TERMS
Cost Effective – TERMS costs a lot less than the competing “FE College” systems, whilst offering a full MIS system in one solution.

Scalable – TERMS is used from small training organisations through to some of the largest authorities in the UK.

Applicable – like Aqua, TERMS was designed for the non-FE-college sector and has been used for MIS for over 20 years, giving the system a pedigree track record.

Efficiency - one single system can manage statutory obligations as well as online course enrolments, automatic report generation, online registers and risk assessments.

Data quality - ILRs can be produced quickly and efficiently, with tools to easily find and correct data input errors. ILRs may be retained within the system over several years allowing for data comparison, which tie into the in-built Ofsted reporting tools.

Analysis – built in reporting and analysis tools without having to learn a complex external package such as Crystal.

Quality Support – with a friendly UK based support team available at the end of a telephone line and regular quarterly updates to ensure the latest requests and features are implemented.

Ofsted – we provide a full MIS Ofsted Support Service to help you through inspections.

History – we have over 25 years of experience providing MIS solutions to local authorities and training providers. The system is design for this market and it’s needs.