TERMS Q4 2018 Released

The main highlight features of this release are:

18/19 FIS Funding Import

Funding can now be imported from FIS.

Academic Progression filters

The academic progression screen can now have separate filters for each year.

Copy Course Security Point

A new security point has been added to control if users are asked if they want to copy details from another activity when adding a new activity.

Default format for People Menu

There is now an option to specify how you want people to display in the people menu e.g. Title, Initials, Surname. Once selected you will need to run the Normalise People utility to implement the change.

Destination Indicator

A destination indicator

Early start date for CIS

Course Information Sheets can now use the Days Early start date that shows on the web – used to show, for example, that a course has an intro/paperwork day before tuition starts.

Enhanced Web Publish Icons

There are now 3 icons used to show the status of an Activity that is published to the web: one to show the activity is not yet live, the original icon to show the activity is live on the web now, and one to show the activity is past its publish until date and is no longer being displayed.

Exclude Staff roles from registers

Staff Roles now have an option to exclude them from online registers. Staff with an excluded role will not be included in the register for attendance. The staff role can still be allowed to update the registers even though they are not included.  

Default Household Situation

Default household situation details can now be entered against the Study Learner record for instances where the information has been collected before the enrolment.

Original thread now editable

The restriction on users being able to edit the original thread post has been removed.

Planning Imports from Excel

The planning screens can now import directly from an Excel planning sheet.

Planning: reg. base rate period

The registration base rate charge period can now be set in the planning sheet so the Registration base rate charge can now be “Fixed” or per Hour/Place/Week.

Program details on activity search

The Activity Search browse used when registering people to activities now shows details of an activity’s programmes.

Prov Mon A+B in Browse Aims

The provider monitoring A+B fields have been added to the Browse Study Aims screen to make it easier to identify which Activity or provider an aim is from.

Prov Specified Delivery Monitor B

The rules for filling the Provider Specified Delivery Monitoring Code B field have been revised to be filled from the new Registration Destination Indicator field or Provider name.

Residency Immigration Status List

The Immigration Status field is now a drop list of pre-configured values to match official documentation.

Standard web fee descriptions

Up to 5 standard descriptions of courses fees can be created for use on the web. Each activity can have one of the 5 selected to show when a learner looks at the relevant web page.

ULN not required option

The Update People screen now has a “ULN not required” option to exclude the learner from ULN Batch request builds.

ULN Verification added to reports

The ULN verification value recorded against a learner can now be reported on in the vRepEmployerRegReport,     vRepFrameworkReport,     vRepPeopleLettings, vRepPeople,    vRepPeopleResults,    vRepPeopleSalesDebts, and vRepRegFundingReport views.

Video links for Activity web pages

A URL for a video can be specified against an Activity Category or sub-category (this will over-ride the category video link if set).

Waiting List reduces free places

There is now an option to allow any waiting list places to reduce the number of free places shown on the web.

Waiting List Warning

If a user unregisters a person from an activity and there are people on the activity’s waiting list a warning message will show on the cancellation screen.