TERMS Q2 2018

The main highlight features of this release are:

18/19 Funding

The procedures are in place to produce 18/19 ILR returns.

Create Web Account Message

The warning message to say a people account has an email but no web account can now be switched off if required. This is can either be set to do nothing or to create the missing web account automatically. The message can still be set to just warn if required.

Master venue can be filtered on

Master venues can now be filtered on in the Venue Menu.

Residency Details

The people wizard, learner agreement, and update people screens can now collect residency information.

Updated Collated Stats report

The layout of the default ILR collated statistics report has been revised from portrait to landscape to allow more information to be displayed.

TLS 1.2 Connections

If any users wish to start using TLS 1.2 connections with their SQL server please contact support.