SSRS Reports 2017 Q3 Release

The 2017 Q3 SSRS reports are released today.

This release rationalises previous reports replacing the plethora of RPA reports with one Study Aim Analysis RPA report. There is a new version of the Ofsted Section A report along with another couple of “per month” comparison reports.

Learners per Month Annual comparison

A Comparison over up to 3 years showing the numbers of individual learners who Enrolled, Started, Withdrew, Planned to finish, or Completed, per month or per week for the chosen academic year and the two previous years to it if the data exists.

Ofsted Section A Oct 2017

Revised version of the Ofsted Section A based on the requirements in the October 2017 inspection handbook. The report adds a SSA 1 breakdown by Ofsted academic levels for AEB funding.

Ofsted Section A Oct 2017 Errata

This is linked to the Ofsted Section A Oct 2017 but can be run separately. It shows details of aims that are not included in the linked report’s counts.

Study Registrations per Month Annual comparison

This shows a comparison of enrolments across up to 3 years broken down by month and week.

Study Aim Analysis RPA

This shows RPA for Delivery broken into three selectable levels.
Levels 1 and 2 can be one of the following: Analysis Categories 1-4, D and P, Ethnicity, Funding Programme, Gender, IMD Priority Level, Local Authority, L.A. wards, Partner UKPRN, Provider Specified Monitoring Codes A-D, SSA 1, or SSA 2.
The 3rd or detail level breakdown can be chosen from Attendance Band, D and P outcome, Ethnicity, Gender, IMD Priority Level, Late Attendance band, or Soft Outcome Achievement.

Study Aim Analysis RPA (with patterns)

This is the same as the Study Aim Analysis RPA report but with the additional option to filter Provider Specified Monitoring A-D by to matching specified patterns e.g. ABC*G, etc.