TERMS Q3 2017 Released

The latest version of TERMS is now available with several new features and important updates. The updated can be downloaded from the Community Area.

Browse log entries for a person

You can now view the System Log entries for a single people account from a button on the update people screen.

Build objectives from multiple lists

You can now add several standard objective lists together to make the list of objectives against a Funding Reference. Previously selecting a standard objective list would replace any existing objectives.

Learner Number targets

In the Planning screens you can now set a target number of individual learners. This can then be used in SSRS reporting to show how near you are to this target.

Register Last Updated Date

The last time “save” was pressed on a register in the online register screens is now saved and viewable within TERMS.

Minimum age for new accounts

A minimum age for new accounts can now be specified in Site parameters. A warning will be triggered if a person falls below this age when a new people account is created.

Option to clear old debt balances

Old outstanding debts can now be written off and account balances recalculated.

Vulnerability space increased

The space available to record details of a learner’s vulnerabilities has been substantially increased.

Default attend/non-attend reasons

These default values will be used in the online registers for attendance/non-attendance that was entered directly into TERMS.

Candidate number expanded

The candidate number in Update Registration has been expanded to 15 characters.

Extra online register learner details

ULN and Date of Birth can now be seen by tutors in the online register learner details.

Academic Progression has 17/18

The Academic Progression screen now shows the 17/18 year and has been changed to show all years referenced in study data.

Link to supported learning

You can now add a URL link to the supported learning web pages for a learner.

Stop people menu colouring

An option has been added to accounts parameters to stop the people menu changing account colours based the personal balance of the record e.g. red=owes money, green=owed money etc.

SSRS report summary

The end of the notes contains a summary of the SSRS reports releases so far, which reports were active in each release and a short description about each report.