Displaying fields larger than 255 characters

By default there is a 255 character limit on normal Frames for large fields in the Report Designer, but there are two alternative ways to display the field when it has more than 255 characters in it:
Method One
  • In your report design get to the properties sheet for the frame you need to be larger than 255 characters
  • Delete the existing formula, e.g "=vRAS:BlockText"
  • Change the "Customary Frame" drop down to read "Mail Merge"
  • Press the "Edit text" button and then reselect your field (it will appear in doubled less than/greater than symbols)
  • If you are not sure if there is enough space to display the field in it's entirety tick the "auto-resize" box.
  • OK your way out and give it a try
Method Two
  • Delete the @s255 picture as this limits the size of the displayed field (leave the picture field blank)
  • Tick the "Auto-Resize" box
  • Tick the "Multiline Text" box

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