Wilcard filtering in reports

The MATCH command can be used to "match" against any data and has options for exact matching, wildcard, sounds-like, etc.
The default is to do a wildcard match which makes it straight forward for this example.
Here we're want to build a filter into a report that will pick up any course (or Activity) with "CLAIT" in the name - anywhere in the name.
  • Start in the report design
  • Go into Report Properties (off the File drown-down)
  • Click into the Record Filter section and type in ...
  • This assumes you are using the ReportActivity in the filter
  • If you are using the ReportProgramme then the line would be ...
  • You can use any field/column from any report table available
  • The "*" is the wildcard and will match any number of characters and these can be combined in any order - e.g. "*AB*CDE*"
  • You could also use "?" which will match on single characters - e.g. "C?AIT"
  • Or, combine them - "*C?AIT*"
The MATCH command will return TRUE if (in this case) “clait” is found in the course name, so you only need this line as-is in your report filter. If you have more than one filter then you will need to AND/OR them together.
The build-in Report Filtering allows you to force filtering onto reports and has many applications - e.g. forcing a debtors report to only look at a certain group/day/period/etc.

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