Enrol somebody on a course

From the people menu highlight the person that you wish to enroll and click on the Register button.
Enter or amend any information that is needed then click “Next” Choose “Course” from the drop down box.
Enter the code.
You may use the search option to look through the available courses rather than remembering the course code.
The select activity panel will then give you information about the course concerned such as the name of the course in question so that you know it is the correct one if not then you can search.
When the correct course and code is selected then click Next which will display “Select programme registration” and will perhaps offer you the opportunity to view any notes on the course (e.g. limited disabled accessibility or course materials needed).

The screen will also display information that was entered when the course was created such as the start date, how many places are available and costs involved.
If you toggle any lines that are to be included (some courses have only one line) then the fnish button will become active which will register the person onto the course(s) and may pop up a message which you can answer (e.g. “there is no information to email”).
There will then be a pop up box for you to answer as to whether you wish to continue registering people.

If there is no payment to input then the system drops back to the people menu and if a payment is due then a person’s name will be in Red (if not the name will be black and if in credit green).
If there is a payment due then you will be taken onto paying for the enrolment automatically. See “Taking Payment” in the “Pay for a course (take payment)” section.

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