Create a Course

A course is an activity so click on the Activities menu.
Press the Insert button (and a window opens).
Do you wish to copy from a previous activity? Click No
The system opens a Wizard. Click on Next.
Enter a name for the course.
The system creates a unique code which you may overwrite if you wish.
The system will drop down a box in Activity Type offering Course, Exam, Special, Planning etc.
Select a Category. A pre-deffned option can be selected from the list.
Click on Next.
Enter the maximum places e.g. “10”.
Target places can be added on viability (Cost etc).
The start date is required and can be entered in several different formats but ddmmyyyy is probably best. Use what you are comfortable with.
Enter the information “Number of weeks”.
Start Time e.g. 16.00
Duration e.g. 2.00
The “Advanced” option launches a Sub Wizard.
You may “Finish” here but “Next” goes on so you can enter charges etc.

You can add a basic charge in the Registration Base Rate, such as £4.00 per Hour or build up a list of speciff charges that will be used during enrolment.

“Finish” creates the Course on the system.
“Do you wish to add another programme to activity. xxxxxxx Yes/No. Select No
You can see the course on the list with a unique code assigned to it.
Press Close to come out of the Activity Menu.

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