Assign 2 different tutors to separate sessions.

How do I assign 2 different tutors to separate sessions? For instance, I have a class which runs on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday will have tutor A and Thursday will have tutor B.
There are two ways to do this. 
1. The first is to create two programmes - one that runs on the Weds and one that runs on the Thurs. This is the easiest to admin, but it would require two enrolments for the learners (one for each session).
2. The second way is to stay with one programme and vary who is teaching which lesson. This is a bit more manual and there are two ways to do this (depending upon what is easiest to administer for you) ..
a. Create the full lesson plan with both tutors and then go through the lessons removing the tutor that you don't want registered. So, press change on the each "event" on the Time Table tab when updating the programme and switch to the "Staff Tab" for the event, removing the tutor that should not be teaching. This gives the advantage of being able to see both staff quickly against the programme, but is a pain if there are lots of lessons to update.
b. When you create the course programme (with the lesson variation we went through earlier) press change on the each "lesson" in the plan and add the staff there under the "Additional Staff" tab. One tutor for each lesson. This is the quickest way, but you don't see the tutor when looking at the programme itself - it's a drill down into the lessons. 
The general principle behind staff in TERMS is ...
If a member of staff is added to the Programme then they are automatically added to each event/lesson
Individual events can have staff added and these would be additions - e.g. substitute tutors, guest models, etc.
Default "programme" staff can be removed from individual events and are marked as not-attending. Normally this would be for making adjustments as above or for sick leave, etc. 

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