OFSTED Inspections and SSA Tier 2 reporting

You may have seen a document circulated in recent months purporting to be a new classification of SSA Tier2 codes that Ofsted inspectors would be using when asking for reports before and during an inspection. Changes in the document included new "tier 2" codes like 14.103 for ESOL courses, or 3.1a, 3.1b etc which are quite clearly non-standard as far as the existing tier 2 codes are concerned. The document appeared to be official and definitive.

We were sent a copy of the document by a user who asked us if we were aware of the document and how could they get reports out for the new codes.

We asked the SFA if they were aware of this and got the following reply from Paul Kelman:
Pete Ashton and I did some digging on this when the IA was still around after a college raised it with us a year or so ago. ... A month or so after that, Ofsted published this doc
http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/further-education-and-skills-sector-subject-areas and paragraph 8 in there basically says that the standard tier 2 will apply, but if that can't be used then Ofsted's version should be used.

Having said all of that, Ofsted will still probably be after reports showing numbers for ESOL courses (14.103 from the now defunct Ofsted SSA classification).

One way to do this might be to manually set the Provider Specified Delivery Monitoring code C (ProvSpecDelMonC) for example to 14.103. This can be set in the funding\delivery monitoring tab for an activity if the whole course is ESOL based, or in Funding\Delivery 2 tab on the registration details if an individual registration on a activity is ESOL related. ProvSpecDelMonC can then be filtered on in Study/Funding reports like Collated Statistics.

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